Sand Flea Surf Spike Pro

💪 Impact + UV Resistant PVC With High Gloss Finish. NOT your home improvement store PVC. PVC manufactured in USA and made by Tides Fishing Company.

🐟 Large Microfiber Bait Towel Keeps Your Hands Clean in The Surf. Easy Connect to Your Surf Rod Holder or Keep in Your Fishing Cart.

🎣 Large Wire Lock Pin With 5 Length Choices Keeps Your Surf Rod Tip Up Above the Breakers.

🎏 Rubber Coated Flared Top Keeps Your Fishing Pole in Great Shape. Reel Cutout Gives your Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Great security Inside the pole holder.

🎨 With 2 Colors and 3 Heights Available. You Are Sure to Get the Perfect Fishing Rod Holder For Your Area.

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