Tides Fishing Company Approach

Tides is a small veteran run company based in Jacksonville FL. As a small company we realize that every customer is gold and we like to strive to treat them as such! So first and foremost, treating out customers like family is rule #1.

Our approach is simple. Make products that help you fish better. All of our products are designed in house and some are fully manufactured here. Using skills obtained while earning a Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering degree at the University of Michigan, I am able to create quality products full of the best materials. 

The innovation doesn't stop there, while theoretical data is nice, nothing will prove a a product worthy quite like saltwater. So we fish them extensively, we fish our products in the harsh Atlantic ocean and and St. Johns River here in Jacksonville, FL.

Once we are happy with the result, we are proud to put the Tides Fishing Co. Logo on them and get them to you.