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Tides Send a Kid Fishing Foundation

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Send A Kid Fishing Foundation is just as it sounds, we help kids get on the water who would normally not have the means to do so. The process is simple and works like this;

  1. Money is donated in one of two ways;
    1. Tides Gives $1 for every Tides Fishing product bought by our customers.
    2. Give below by adding to cart below, then add as many $1 amounts as you want at checkout(100% goes to the foundation)!
  2. Working with companies like ‘Big Brothers Big Sisters of America’ and ‘The Boys and Girls Club of America’ we find kids who are interested in fishing and pair them with a local professional fishing guide to show them the ropes and hopefully give them a solid foundation on a lifelong passion that they can use for many years.  
  3. Before their trip, they will be gifted a brand new ‘Quality’ fishing set up that will at least include;
    1. Rod and reel combo
    2. Fishing Line
    3. Fully loaded tackle box
  4. The target amount to send a child & adult supervisor (guardian or friend) on their trip is $500. Once the Target is met, a new kid learns to fish and the money counter below is restarted.